Wheelchair Access

We’re very sorry to say that the main arena is not accessible to wheelchairs. The building is entirely underground and while full access for wheelchairs is available to every other part of the venue including the bar, the original dolphinarium was not designed with access in mind and anyone entering that room will therefore need to walk up and down steps.

After the venue was converted into a Sea Life Centre, a fully wheelchair-accessible glass tunnel was built through the main tank so that people could see the sharks and the turtles from inside the tank. There will be an audio feed to this area so that wheelchair users (and non-wheelchair users) can listen to the talks here while watching the sharks and turtles swim overhead.

Interior views of Brighton Sealife Centre, Brighton, England

We would like as many people as possible to access the main auditorium so if you would like to discuss specific access issues, please get in touch and we will try to come up with a solution. Again, we’re sorry access is not better.

The venue has a disabled access entrance located through the tunnel off the beach and can be accessed via the ramp which is next to the Brighton Wheel. The tunnel leads into the entrance courtyard and thus avoids the steps down to the centre. We also have a disabled toilet available.

There is only one area of the centre itself which does not have full access and this is the auditorium, however all talks which take place in the auditorium are able to be heard in the tunnel which views the same tank and creatures. 

Please also note that there is a step that runs alongside some of the displays in the Victorian arcade which means wheelchair access is restricted by approximately a 70cm distance. Please see below for a photo of the step in the arcade.



A night of science and comedy at Brighton Sea Life Centre, 11th Oct

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