South East Skeptics Society

Launched in 2012, The South East Skeptics Society exists to foster community cohesion and social interaction among skeptics in the South East of England, to promote the use of skepticism and critical-thinking among the general public, and to promote evidence-based politics.  The society is free to join if you agree with our Mission Statement and you can join the society on-line.


All SESS events are organised with the intention of being genuinely inclusive, safe and enjoyable for attendees and speakers alike. We will not therefore tolerate disrespect, discourtesy nor hostility to speakers or other attendees.

Incident reporting

Should you feel uncomfortable at a South East Skeptics event, please speak to a committee member or appointed steward. Anyone determined to be showing disrespect, discourtesy or hostility – at the sole discretion of the organisers – may be asked to leave and will not be refunded.

If at any stage you feel you need to report an incident, you can approach a member of the committee or an official steward who will be made known to you at the beginning and end of the event. In the event that you feel you would prefer to report something anonymously, via email, please use the contact form and input “” as your email address. 

The committee members and appointed stewards will do their utmost to deal with all concerns and complaints swiftly and sensitively and support attendees if they feel further action or support is necessary.

* ‘Disrespect, discourtesy and hostility’ is defined at the discretion of the meeting convenors and venue staff and could refer to, but is not limited to, harassment or abuse, and includes reference to actions or words that are, or could be seen as discriminatory or inappropriate toward people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, gender-identification, age or disability.


A night of science and comedy at Brighton Sea Life Centre, 11th Oct

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